Andorra Bar - Seit 1918

Situated in the heart of Zurichs old town, Andorra Bar is thriving. Serving the finest quality drinks from all over the world, connoisseurs and enthusiast are enjoying the atmosphere, which is still the same since 1918. From 1933 to 1936 the space hosted the political-literary cabaret "Pfeffermühle" from Munich.

Max Frisch himself would have enjoyed lighting his tobacco pipe in one of the cosy corners, being inspired by the culturally diverse clientele, enjoying an ambitious conversation, listening to some Jazz or feasting on some tappas. The finest Beers, Whiskeys and Wines are here waiting to seduce you into an unforgettable night.


The worlds best micro-breweries supply us with their finest beers and we offer the largest selection of trappist and tripples beers all over town. So far no one has tasted them all.


Distilled from wheat, rye or corn and ripened over years in oak barrels. Our bar hosts over 80 unique Whiskeys and offers a «Good Spirit» for any liking - no bagpipe required.


We confide in young, innovative vintners who sustainably produce a selection of wines, grown on the south-hill each with its very own charakter, offering a finish with a lasting experience. Cheers!

On the Tap

Andorra Bar

Münstergasse 20
8001 Zürich

+41 44 252 65 70

Opening Hours

Sunday - Thursday
17:00 - 01:00

Friday & Saturday
14:00 - 04:00


Currently there are no events scheduled at Andorra. Just come by and have a fine beer.